Meet the Staff

Back Row:                Denise Sanne (Head Teacher)

Middle Row:             Nicky Horrell, Alison Sim, Kath Keown (Administrator), Fiona Dawson, Michelle Nicol

Front Row:               Maree Lapthorne, Josanne Megaw




Denise Sanne - Head Teacher 


Tena Koutou. Greetings to you all. My name is Denise Sanne. I believe Early Childhood Education is all about partnering with parents, who are the children’s main caregivers, and getting to know what your child’s and family's interests are. At this age, growth and development happens best when teaching and learning is based on children’s social and cultural interests. Please share your family’s interests with us, so we can provide a meaningful context for your child's learning.


The KidzWay Staff and I are looking forward to getting to know you and your precious children, and along with our rich environment, quality care and education, we can help your children grow and develop further.


Naku noa na, Denise