Our Philosophy

The Child

The needs of the child will be the first and major consideration. Each child will be valued and respected as a unique individual with their own special strengths and interests.


The Whanau/Family

We believe each child needs strong and supportive relationships with peers and adults who love and care for them. Our Centre seeks to be supportive of all our families. Parents/Caregivers are welcome to stay at any time and are encouraged to be involved in any decision-making in the Centre concerning their own children. 


The Curriculum

We are committed to the guidelines and principles of Te Whāriki, the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum. We fully uphold the Christian foundational beliefs and values of Church On The Way. We value the importance of excellent education where those Christian values are reflected in all aspects of the curriculum in natural ways. We value learning that is embedded in meaningful contexts.



The Christian belief is that all are of equal value in the eyes of God. All people regardless of race, gender, abilities, religious

 and socio-economic background are welcome.  

We acknowledge the Treaty of Waitangi, and are committed to providing quality service for Maori, supporting Maori staff and providing opportunities for all staff to achieve cultural competency.


The Community

We are open to all members of the community and seek to take an active part in the wider community.


The Church

KidzWay Early Learning Centre is linked with Church On The Way through the KidzWay Trust, and when requested we are able to refer families to resources that the church provides to assist families in our community i.e. counselling, food bank, courses etc.