Values Statement

We value and respect each child as a unique individual with their own special strengths and interests.
We value and encourage positive learning dispositions that enable each child to reach their potential.

Holistic Development 

We value the cognitive, social, cultural, physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions of each child and the integrated way children learn and develop.
We value learning that is embedded in meaningful context.

Family and Community 
We value the well-being of each child and recognise the interdependence of their well-being with that of their family, local community and culture.
We value learning and development that supports the connecting links between the child, the centre, their family, community and wider world.
We acknowledge the Treaty of Waitangi and are committed to providing quality services for Maori, supporting Maori staff, and providing opportunities for all staff to achieve cultural competency.


We value each child’s need for strong and supportive relationships with peers and adults who love and care for them.
We value learning and development that promotes care and respect for others and the environment.